CofC's Horror Stories

Porter’s Lodge, January 1, 1937, photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston

Porter’s Lodge, January 1, 1937, photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston

What better way to end Fear Week 2018 than with a compilation of the spookiest stories from around campus? We asked for your most terrifying, spine-tingling, bone-chilling tales, and you certainly delivered.

Tinder Troubles

Hooked up with a guy, and he put his phone number in my phone... We had the same niche zip code.

I met him on Tinder. He was married. He sold stolen goods. We did not have a second date.

The Date With Too Much Urine

I’m not one to usually go on a tinder date, but this guy seemed different. I’d seen him around campus, so I knew I wasn’t being catfished. Some of my friends knew him and said he was “just weird enough,” so I figured I’d give him a chance. I went on a date with him, and all went surprisingly well. I typically don’t have luck on dates. The date went well enough, in fact, that we ended up at my apartment. We watched a movie, and he ended up spending the night. I would like to make it clear that we did not drink ANY alcohol. Anyways, I wake up at 3 am to this boy pulling ALL of the blankets off of me. I woke up in a complete daze and asked him what happened. He laid back down and went to sleep. I was so confused as to what happened to my blankets, but then I felt something warm and wet on my leg. It was urine. He wouldn’t wake back up, and I had no idea what to do. I decided to go into the living room and sleep on the floor (as broke college kids, we didn’t have a couch yet). I got settled in and ready to go to sleep again, but I realized I had to pee. I couldn’t go back into my room, and I hadn’t had the “a boy peed in my bed can I use your bathroom at 3 am” conversation with my roommates, so I decided my only option was the balcony. It was a little bit difficult, but I succeeded and eventually went back to bed. I didn’t want to talk to him in the morning, so I pretended to be asleep. He finally left at NOON. I didn’t think he would ever try to talk to me again, but he still tried to talk to me about once a week. I’ve told him NO multiple times, and, apparently, he doesn’t get the picture that I don’t want my Urban Outfitters comforter ruined.

Ghostly Encounters

Randolph Hall, 1940, courtesy of The Library of Congress

Randolph Hall, 1940, courtesy of The Library of Congress

Buist Bumps in the Night

I lived in Buist Residence Hall my freshman year, and for the first three weeks of school, I’d wake up to the sound of a woman’s distant, unintelligible singing drifting down the halls at exactly 3 am. No one else seemed to hear it but me, and I could never quite make out what she was saying. Towards the third week the singing sounded more like wailing, until one night I woke up at 3 am again, only to the sound of compete silence and the feeling of being watched. I was too afraid to move, and from then on I made sure to take a melatonin every night. If something was gonna happen I didn’t want to be awake to witness it lol. Needless to say, I don’t live in Buist anymore.

The Summer in Ukraine

Okay this is gonna sound crazy but just hear me out.. One time, when I was 8 and my sister was 15, we stayed at our grandma's house in Ukraine over the summer. The wall of the furthest room in the house was connected to the wall of another house, where this really mean old woman lived. Like seriously, this lady lived alone, hated children and animals and was probably the angriest woman I knew in my childhood. We were the only kids that lived near her house so she targeted us a lot, like once I picked a flower by her yard and she screamed at me for "stealing". So basically this summer my sister and I share a bed in the room that has a wall connecting my grandma's house with the angry old woman's house. And on our second or third night there we both get woken up by LOUD bangs on the window, so we're like wtf and we look over and, I shit you not, we see the old woman at the window, banging on it and yelling in Russian. In the middle of the night. So we're like what the fuck... and start to get up to turn on the lights and tell our grandparents when SHE STEPS THROUGH THE WALL AND RUNS TOWARDS US CONTINUING TO YELL which is when we absolutely booked it through the house SCREAMING and ran into our grandparents room, jumped in their bed and started crying and telling them what just happened. Turns out the old woman had died a month before we got there and nobody had told us.. my sister and I to this day maintain that this happened and we have the exact same recollection of it, I know it sounds crazy but I have no other explanation!!

Interrupting Poltergeists

When my girlfriend lived in Berry, we were getting intimate one time, and the lamp started crackling as if someone was messing with it on, but it was off. We both felt a weird presence that didn't go away until we stopped. I've also had really bad sleep paralysis in Berry, like waking up and not moving. I've felt people get on the bed when no one was there. My girlfriend says she has seen her chair rock when no one is in it and heard marbles dropping. I'm pretty convinced Berry is haunted.

I was at my boyfriend’s house and felt the covers moving, so I looked up so see if he was pulling the cover, but his back was facing me and the covers were lifted in air as if a hand were grabbing them and pulling them up, and then dropped them. I woke him up, and he still doesn’t believe me.

Communications Offices, 2013, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Communications Offices, 2013, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Campus Nightmares

I’ve seen both vomit and urine puddles in the CCA elevator and a pile of crap in the hallway.

One time I was walking outside of Cato under a tree, and something hard fell from above me and hit me right where my nose meets my forehead. It hurt, but I brushed it off, only to discover at the library that it was actually bleeding - on the outside. I ended up washing the cut in the first-floor bathroom and then put a band-aid over it. I looked like I had had a nose job, and my nose isn't even straight to begin with.

The Roommate

Nightmare of a roommate: My freshman year, my suite gained a 4th roommate a week before Halloween - against our will. She moved in, filth and all, telling us her old roommate was crazy and hated her. Anyways, we started noticing she had a revolving door of guys every night for hookups. Weird? Not even that, they were either Citadel or some other uniformed buds. The night of Halloween, she asked one of our roomies to sleep somewhere else so she could have this guy over, and luckily one of our roomies was gone and said she could crash on our side of the suite. Around midnight we began hearing... things. Yes, sex sounds COMING FROM THE BATHROOM. Not just the bathroom - our shower. This girl was having sex in our shower. The sounds and memory of having to Clorox our entire bathroom will never leave my college memories. We nicknamed the guy her “BOOty” cause my other roommate found an butt print on her mirror on the bathroom door.

School Spooks

I taught middle school.

Business statistics

Student Debt

There's a test friday?

Professor says if your phone goes off in class, he’ll dock you a full letter grade. I say I will drop your class.