Letter from the Editor: January 2019

Managing Editor Emma Grabowski  Photo by Josie Derrick

Managing Editor Emma Grabowski

Photo by Josie Derrick

January always brings something exciting with its arrival - new calendars, for one. And let’s not forget gym memberships, new class schedules, promises to eat right, and new friends and adventures. That being said, January can be a weird time because there are always some things - good and bad - that we have to leave behind in the previous year. Rookie Magazine, for instance, closed its doors at the end of November last year. That one was especially hard for me.

I grew up on Rookie; my 10th grade year was essentially just me checking the website every day for whatever they had to publish. Rookie Mag was the one who introduced me to zine-making, which I still love. Rookie made me feel like I was powerful, and how could it not when it was being curated and run by girls just like me? Tavi Gevinson, the founder and longtime Editor-in-Chief, started the website when she was just 15 - the same age I was when I found it.

When Rookie announced that they would cease publishing, one of my first thoughts was “Where will girls go to see themselves doing great things and lifting each other up?” It was a concern I carried around for a while, but then I realized that the Rival at CofC is one of those places, and it’s not limited for just one particular group of students.

The Rival was founded as a space for students to make their voices heard, and that’s a mission we intend to stick to in 2019. We’re going to do more, see more, and invite more people into the conversation. We have a lot of cool things coming up this semester, like our first pop-up event partnering with Cain’s Closet and Green Haus Artists. We’re also going to festivals, we’re releasing our 2019 Best of Charleston list and our annual Sex Week pieces (I, personally, can’t wait to hear about your weird hookups and secret crushes!), and we’re adding some really awesome new writers, strategists, and graphic designers to the team.

The Rival is here to grow in 2019, and we can’t wait for you to see what’s in store.