Anonymous Crushes: Love from afar


The College of Charleston is crushin’ hard this year. We’ve gotten so many submissions to our Anonymous Crush Survey this year that we’ve divided your confessions into three separate articles: love from afar, one seat away, and up close & personal.*

Today’s confession compilation is centered around love from afar, which means we’re focusing on those little loves that pop up when you least expect it - crushes you may not even know the names of. We’ve all seen someone beautiful in Mama Kim’s we never saw again who we fell madly in love with very briefly. On an unrelated note, please let us know if you are a beautiful, blond man who happened to be in Mama Kim’s the night of Feb. 13th, 2016.

So, here’s to short moments of love and crushing from a distance.

The Crushes

“So, there's this girl. I see her in library all the time sitting on the first floor. She's got brown hair and is always sitting at or near the same table when I see her. I'm too nervous to talk to her first and am afraid that I'll never talk to her.”

“I saw them at orientation. Ugh, father of my children, por favor. Total zaddy”

“This one particularly dreary day, I was napping in the cistern between classes, and as I awoke from my nap in a sleepy haze, I saw the titillating image of a girl rummaging through the trashcans by Porter's Lodge looking for a mid-class snack. She was dressed like any other CofC girl this time of year with an oversized sorority sweatshirt and yoga pants, but the way she was ferociously rummaging around was attractive to me. She glanced at me in between each of her descents into her feeding ground. I was sure she had noticed me admiring her, and she seemed to be interested as well — until she was suddenly distracted. She had found her prize! She slowly rose from the trashcan, admiring her bounty. The look in her eyes when she found a half-eaten piece of avocado toast was to die for. I tried to approach her, but by the time I got close, she had consumed her sustenance and scampered off. I stared off towards where she went while the smell of lost opportunity and mango Juul vapor filled my nostrils. If that magnificent rummaging goddess happens to be reading this, to you, I say, in secret we met- in silence I grieve / that thy heart could forget / Thy spirit deceive. If I should meet thee / After long years / How should I greet thee?”

“The girl with the long, ridiculously wavy auburn/red/brown hair who I think is on the Public Health Society board?? ;) she’s really confident and hangs out at Second State. I hear she’s a photographer. Hope she looks my way again sometime soon…”

“Somebody that lives on my hall in CCA. I don’t know his name, but I know he plays soccer, and we have talked in the elevator some. He just seems like my type and someone I would like to get to know better”

“This blue eyed beauty I see on king all the time!”

“A girl I met on New Years. We talked at great length about the best La Croix flavors. Ever since, I've been smitten. If you're reading this, you know who you are.”

“She sits next to me in Cultural Anthropology and has the prettiest green and gold eyes (and the most beautiful handwriting I've ever seen). I see her around downtown all of the time, but I'm too nervous to say hi… maybe one day I'll get the courage to ask her to study together and we can hang out :)”

“I saw this good boy on the street the other day; he had a long, perfectly groomed blonde coat that gleamed in the sunlight. His four paws trotted along the bricks with passion and vigor. I was immediately taken aback when he uttered a small, simple, yet elegant... “yip”. It wasn’t a bork, and I loved that it was a yip. Please help me find this beautiful boy so I can pat-pat his wonderful head.”

“I don’t know his name but he’s beautiful with a tattoo sleeve and a full beard. He would always sit near me on the first floor of the Robert Scott smalls building while waiting to go into our next class. It was so hard to concentrate on anything but him.”

“Blonde chick that studies in the ICAT room in Beatty. She got a BOOTY!”

“I very briefly fell in love with the cowboy from the Apricot Blush interview. I went around to my friends to say, ‘Mama, I’m in love with a cowboy.’ What a man.”

The cowboy in question.

The cowboy in question.

*Submissions have been lightly edited for grammar.