Anonymous Crushes: One seat away


The College of Charleston is crushin’ hard this year. We’ve gotten so many submissions to our Anonymous Crush Survey this year that we’ve divided your confessions into three separate articles: love from afar, one seat away, and up close & personal.*

Today’s confessions are in the category “one seat away,” which means we’re focusing on those crushes that are almost close enough to touch them, but they also don’t have that agonizing, “They’re my best friend; what do I do?” kind of torment. These may be classmates, baristas, or even a professor or two (or four). Whoever they are, here’s to our so-close-but-not-close-enough crushes!

The Crushes

“Paige Fournier. She’s super cute, and I eye her on the way to my exercise science classes. She has cool style.”

“I see this boy around my department all the time, and we’ve pretty friendly towards each other, but he always has girlfriends. The other day, he said he was glad we were “friends,” but I want him to rearrange my organs so…”

“I’ve matched with this guy on dating apps a few times, but it never goes anywhere. He’s my type and really interesting and funny from what little contact we’ve had. We’ve added each other on social media, but I’m way too scared/shy to do anything about it as things ended not so great in the past, but maybe I’ll muster up the courage to say something!”

“I've been crushing on this guy that I know in my class. We always sit together, and he is so funny. I have a long term boyfriend, and he has a long term girlfriend. It's not a very serious crush, just one of those fun ones where you enjoy being around the person.”

“There was a guy in my Greek 102 class a few years ago who went by two names (Alex/David?) who is super nice and VERY cute”

“Avery from Dr. Lehman's class two years ago - I LOVE YOU!!”

“Dr. Cara Delay reminds me of the color gold, in a good way”

“My kickboxing teacher, he’s so hot, he has super pretty blue eyes, he’s super sweet and caring, he’s really funny, ugh plus hes got a killer body between those abs and arm muscles ahhh”

“The girl from bistro”

“Colin James. He is so handsome and so sweet but he has a girlfriend and ugh they are so damn cute together, but I'm so jealous tbh what! A! MAN!!!!”

“Tiffani at Caviar & Bananas... She is always sweet and kind.”

“There was a really hot kid in my Greek 101 class four years ago who had a speech impediment that made him sound Australian...I think his name was Tret? Tret, if that's your name, ily”

“Elijah Packer - you were in my history of sexuality class and you talked to me for like 2 classes, but you are so sweet and so fine.”

“Matt Swanson (senior?)! Literally been crushing on him since freshman year BGS class. Had a few classes freshman/sophomore year with him. He is soooo dreamy and cool!! Really down to earth vibe and scuba dives and so nice! One time he waved at me out of a class situation and I lost it. Always wanted to get that out there, Matt!! Xoxo your secret admirer”

“I have been crushing on a guy I had a spanish class with last semester. He's so handsome and sincere when we talk. His eyes just make me melt. I'll probably never tell him how I feel.”

“I know this is kinda messed up, but Dr. Lohmar is the hottest professor at CofC, hands down.”

“When I was a freshman, I had a huge brain crush on one of my professors. I was so delighted by the lectures and they had an extremely attractive voice. I wish I had made more of an effort to keep in touch after the class ended!”

“Dr. Tim Carmichael was a delightful professor, a profound intellectual, and offered unique perspectives to all his students. I learned more from him than I have from most of my professors at the College. May he rest in peace always.”

*Submissions have been lightly edited for grammar.