Anonymous Crushes: Up close & personal


The College of Charleston is crushin’ hard this year. We’ve gotten so many submissions to our Anonymous Crush Survey this year that we’ve divided your confessions into three separate articles: love from afar, one seat away, and up close & personal.*

Today’s anonymous crush confessions are brought to you by such sponsors as “Being in Love With Your Best Friend” and “Will I Make A Move?” There are also a few submitted with only names, so we’re going to assume that they’re extremely close - one might even say up close & personal.

So, here’s to all those crushes on important people in our lives.

The Crushes



“Dereck the meme Morgado. I like him because he talks about memes in his sleep.”


“Katelyn Prete, she is BEAUTIFUL.”

“Chak Or, he’s always the sweetest and he’s one of the most fun guys I know!”

“Devin McSween has the finest rear East of the Mississippi.”

“This sexy beast I live with.”

“Culley Desiginer. He’s just the nicest human being you could imagine. He’s always smiling and is the dreamiest surfer out there. Totally a Charleston boy from California; what more could you ask for? Ugh, I wish he knew that I had the biggest crush on him.”

“Bailey grace poe. She’s really rad.”

“I have a huge crush on a guy named Carlo. I might be biased because he's my boyfriend, but I think he is pretty darn cool.”

“Kajal Patel.”

“I still(!) think about this one girl who ghosted me... I’m not sure what happened, but I had a really nice time getting to know her, and I really hope she’s doing well. I hate to admit it, but if she were to magically text me tomorrow, I would hold no grudge.”


“Chatham is so hot.”

“Claire Grulick is such a daddy.”

“Patrick Golden is the absolute love of my life! Ugh, golf and dimples 😍”

“Noah Abbott. The way he dances in O’Malls is so easy to watch.”

“There’s this guy I matched with on Tinder last year. We ended up hanging out a lot, and we got along really well, and I really liked him. Neither of us ever made any sort of move though; it was the second semester of his senior year and he was moving away after graduation. We’re still friends though, and I think I still like him even though it’s been almost a year. It’s actually really funny because someone submitted a crush on him last year through this survey that sounded like it was from me, and I think he might have thought it was. It wasn’t me last year, but it is this year. He’s a really good person, and even if nothing goes anywhere romantic again from here, he reminded what a relationship is supposed to feel like (good and nice and uplifting and supportive!), so thank you for that.”


“Maddy Goodman... Her ass is so phat.”

“I love this Post-Grad person because they are so kind and understanding. They always make me laugh, and the second they walk through the door, I smile. They are my best friend and deserve the world. Also dat BUTT is incredible. When they wear a certain pair of greyish blue pants, I’m like 👀”

“Emily Titman. We met at lib. She’s annoying but in a good way.”

“I’ve been crushing hard on this girl, Penny, since I met her. She’s beautiful, she’s got an amazing voice, and I genuinely enjoy every second I spend with her, but she only sees me as a friend. She’s honestly too good for me, but that’s not gonna stop a boy from dreaming.”

“Paige Bramblett - she's so cool and is so fun to talk to! She has really interesting perspectives on politics, and she's so pretty!”

“Carolyn Dorey - BEST HUMAN I KNOW!”

“Allison Davis - a fun, silly ginger who just likes to play her trumpet, cuddle a cat, and have a good time! Girl, yous is amazin, ily”

“ANAM!!!! I have a lady-crush on this funny, smart, soon-to-be lawyer because she's so happy and so nice! I like to spend time with her.”

“DYLAN WOLTERS!!!!!!!!!!!! Best guy ever!!!”

“Gwen is the sweetest nug in the universe. She deserves all the love and affection in the world and we are all blessed to have her on this planet.”

“Noelle Zeiner-Carmichael, you are an angel on earth <3”


*Some submissions have been lightly edited for grammar & readability.